We accept Bitcoin payments

Before placing your order, please ALWAYS send payments through Bitcoin and with HIGH priority, we recommend BINANCE, Mycellium, or Blockchain wallet.

In All Germany, there are bitcoin ATMs, also in FNAC, Mediamarkt, different platforms you can pay us through Cryptocurrency Bonds, TOTALLY ANONYMOUS, we have a „mixer“ of coins, so that both the „round trip“ transaction is 100% Anonymous.

Security before everything

We will not serve clients or anyone on WhatsApp or calls

Only by Email.

This ad is 100% Safe, 100% Serious, no scams. You buy 100% quality and you get the same.

If you do not want hand deliveries, you pay us by Bitcoin, and you receive it at your home or wherever you want, anonymously, between 24-98 hours, in an anonymous envelope.



Where to get bitcoins: Click HERE

New rules and ways of ordering for Security


No orders through WhatsApp,

Both for orders in Madrid, such as shipments,

telecocamadrid@protonmail.com, unique payment method: BITCOIN – Minimum order 10 grams.

We moved to Toledo. We will be serving from neighboring towns,

We also send to all of Madrid, by Ordinary Letter, very discreet, prior payment BITCOIN.